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Archive for January, 2018

Get Up And Get Out!

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Have you been feeling in a rut? Going to bed at the same time, following the same routine every morning, working til late most nights, going to the gym, and spending a lot of weekends working? When you do take some time off, are you doing pretty much the same things then, too?

In the past, humans tended to live seasonally a lot more than they do today. Their daily schedules, their work, and even their leisure activities varied according to season. The world has changed a lot, and it’s a good question whether it’s reallly possible to capture some of that variety in the climate-controlled work world of the twenty-first century. The office routine really can’t change much just because the season changes. But it turns out there are ways to vary routine in a healthy way. One great way that nearly anyone

Why Choosing a Great Wedding DJ May Top Choosing the Perfect Dress

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Nj dj service

Each year, the U.S. holds about 2.4 million weddings. But even with an abundance of celebrations, many brides find the planning stage challenging. The stress level of the average bride on her actual wedding day can be uncomfortably high, which makes careful planning all the more important. From the cake to the party favors to the disk jockey, every detail is debated and rightly so. However, a properly chosen DJ entertainment option can actually help alleviate some stress, and here’s how.

The Best Party DJ Knows That On Your Special Day, You’re the Boss.

You might assume that the bride is the most memorable part of any wedding, but what about the entertainment? Guests are just as likely, if not more so, to remember the music and other amusements provided. Yet studies have shown that couples onl