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Archive for August, 2017

Could You Dress More Professionally? Learn What Studies Show

Written by admin on . Posted in Best mens suits nyc, Custom clothing nyc, Men suits

Nyc tailored suits

Wearing business casual seems to be the norm in certain business sectors and individual offices. However, many employers believe that their employees dress “too causally.,” according to a 2016 survey with senior managers. While being interviewed, 47% of these senior managers stated that this was their perception of how people dressed within their offices.

It’s interesting to note that psychology studies demonstrate that first impressions are formed within the first 7 to 17 seconds upon meeting someone. This impression is based more than half on the other person’s physical appearance, and these studies revealed that physical appearance accounts for 55% of that first impression. Due to being aware of these results, many men may choose to dress more professionally.

Another workplace study showed th

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Exotic Shoes for Men

Written by admin on . Posted in Designer lace up shoes for men, Exotic alligator shoes, Goodyear welt

Luxury ostrich skin boots

For generations, shopping, fashion, and high-end shoes were predominantly a worry for women. Now the tables have begun to shift. More and more men are interested in exotic shoes for men. The new found styles and leathers are appealing as men seek ways to break away from the traditional suit and tie look. Designer shoes for men are becoming all the rage right along side exotic belts and luxury ostrich skin boots. Here are the top reasons you should consider exotic shoes for men.

1. First impressions matter. When meeting another person, first impressions are formed in under 17 seconds and over half of that impression may be based on physical appearanc