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Archive for December, 2016

A New Thread May Make Reusable Bags Healthier and Safer

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Wholesale custom reusable bags

Cities and localities all over the country have been trying to clean up their environments by limiting the number of plastic shopping bags that are given out at stores and pharmacies. The goal has been to get shoppers into the habit of using cloth shopping bags instead.

In some locations, such as in Washington, DC, these efforts has been met with a decent amount of success. In that region of the country, they started charging shoppers five cents for a plastic shopping bag. The result was that less plastic bags were clogging the Anacostia River and more people were buying the cloth shopping bags offered by the grocery stores and pharmacies for about $1. They were also being kept from filling up landfills and th

Are You Planning a Winter Beach Vacation?

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Beach towels

The colors and types of beach towels tell some great stories.
They look innocent enough stacked in the hall closet, but you only need to attempt to pull one from the towering stack to relive childhood days at the pool and the college weekends at the beach. From the custom made beach towels that were a part of the state high school swim meet traditions to the promotional beach towels that your husband would bring back from trade shows, the mismatched and varied types of beach towels are a treasure. Everyone in the family has a favorite, and whether you are heading for a weekend at the lake cabin or a trip to the water park the best towels always get claimed first.
When the kids were little you set the various sizes and Continue Reading No Comments