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Archive for August 16, 2016

Why Millions of Americans are Ditching Their Cars

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Used snowboards boston

Today Americans a falling in love with bicycles all over again. Across the country there are bike cooperatives, several cities also have monthly large scale bicycle rides. Bicycles are having a big effect on transportation and health. Many people have forsaken their large cars, preferring to go green and bicycle back and forth from work. However, it can be hard to get started with bicycling. All one needs to do to be overwhelmed is to walk into a bike shop and see the myriad different bike sizes and styles. This does not even include the price. Even used bikes for sale, especially used hybrid bikes,can be costly for the novice bike owner. But it is not impossible to find inexpensive,

5 Leather Products That Are Great For Men

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Tote bags for women

The first people to wear leather as clothing were Egyptian women during the time of the Roman Empire. Today, every woman with means and good tastes owns a smooth leather bag, a sophisticated pair of leather boots, and sheik leather jacket. But leather is an essential product for fashionable men as well. In fact, men led the way in turning leather into a fashion trend. During World War II, General Patton’s leather aviator jacket sparked a global interest in leather. The same is true for the black leather jacket James Dean wore in the 1950s.

Plenty of high-end clothing stores have leather for sale for men. Here are five leather products that every man needs in his wardrobe:

1. Leather Shoes

Leather lends itself very well to men’s shoes. Men can get boots, loafers, Oxfords, or simple dr