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Archive for June, 2016

The Essentials of Traveling in Style

Written by admin on . Posted in Jet management services, Private aircraft charter, Private jet charter companies

Custom jet charters

Traveling back in the day used to be a much more luxurious event than it is now. Maybe it was because everyone wore fancy suits and top hats, smoked on airplanes, knew how to play the piano, and spoke very professionally. Now, if people aren’t snoring on airplanes they are glued to their phone’s screens and are not paying attention to the world the entire duration of the flight.

Hopefully this will eventually change and we can all go back to the time when traveling actually meant something. It’s time we got back to traveling in style.

Charter Plane Services

Flying to your destination via charter place service is one of the most elegant ways of traveling. Imagine pulling up to an exotic country after booking a flight with a charter plane service. You’ll feel like James Bond. There are custom

Cell Phone Usage Linked to Poor Concentration in Students

Written by admin on . Posted in Bioshield necklace, Emf protection necklace, How to block emf

Full body protection

Have you heard of the dangers of electromagnetic force? Electromagnetic force, or EMF, may sound like something from a science fiction novel, however there is some evidence that its waves may interfere with bodily functioning. Electromagnetic waves include microwaves, gamma rays, X-rays, and even sunlight.

Scientists who study electromagnetic waves look at how electrically charged particles interact with both each other and with magnetic fields. An electromagnetic wave is actually formed when any particle’s movement is accelerated. It then goes on to interact with other charged particles and can effect those particles’ angular momentum and energy. EMF can effectively harm cells at a level one billion times lower than conventional heating methods can. It may be possible to reduce these waves with an EM