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Archive for September, 2015

A Onesie For All Ages How You Can Get Cozy Too

Written by admin on . Posted in Adult foot pajamas, Footed pajamas for men, Womens footed pj

Pjs for adult

One thing rarely changes as we grow from kids to adults: our love of comfy clothes. Getting into our pajamas at fifty still feels as good as getting into our pajamas at five. One item that’s been particularly popular lately has been the onesies pajama. Everyone knows about kid pajamas onesies, but they’re available for adults now too! Those cozy footed pajamas are now available as adult foot pajamas too! What started out as mostly a joke in the early 2000s really took off in 2011, as more and more adults r

Why There’s Absolutely No Such Thing as “Good” Hair

Written by admin on . Posted in Best hair salon in san jose, How to sew in a full weave, Salon special

Best hair salon in san jose

What is “good hair? And why is achieving whatever “good” hair means or looks like so important, not only to African Americans but among the entire African diaspora? Is unprocessed hair good enough for American standards?

Unfortunately — or fortunately depending on who you ask — there is absolutely no such thing as “good” hair. No. Such. Thing. In fact, many within the American black community and the entire African diaspora find the term highly offense if not downright ignorant. Why? After all it’s just hair, right?


The reason why the term “good” hair is and can be considered offensive is because the term describes a hair texture that is straighter and less textured than Afro hair, which is typically tightly coiled, texture, and coarse. Long story short; the closer Afro hai