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Archive for April, 2015

Why Do Charities Always Have Custom Tees?

Written by admin on . Posted in Custom design t-shirts, Custom tee, Tee shirts custom

Custom printed jerseys

If you’ve ever been to a fundraising event, then chances are you saw the staff either wearing or selling cheap custom tee shirts, and there’s a reason for that. Custom tees can help organizations spread awareness of a problem, keep events organized, and raise money for good causes. Here’s how.

Cheap Custom Tees Help Spread Awareness.

Custom tees can help charitable organizations spread awareness of the problem which they’re trying to help solve. Although many see this effort as being a waste of time, it’s actually the first step that needs to be taken when trying to change how an

From Different Kanger Tanks to New Batteries, Here’s How to Modify Your Vaporizer

Written by admin on . Posted in E liquid, Sub ohm tank, Zna 50 watt

Different starter kits

In recent years, electronic cigarette use has skyrocketed as more people recognize the dangers of smoking cigarettes. Today there are anywhere from 2.5 million to 4 million e-cig users in the United States, and that figure is unlikely to decline anytime soon. However, a typical e-cig can only offer so many options, and they’re usually short on power according to more advanced users. For those who like a little bit more in their vaping experience, using and modifying a more complex vaporizer is usually the way to go.

These three “e mods” are sure to inject new life into your vaporizer, and they may even help you create unique vaporizers of your own.

    1. Get a new tank. For vaporizers, the tank is one of the most important elements, as it is used to hold e liquid. Vape users