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Archive for August, 2014

What to Bring on Your Fishing Trip

Written by admin on . Posted in Surf clothing, Wilderness activism, Wool sweaters

Girls clothing

When it comes to living in civilized society, it doesn’t really matter what you wear; protective clothing is sometimes needed, but not absolutely essential when walking from your car to your front door.

But when it comes to outdoor activities, you will definitely want outdoor clothing that can shield you from the harshest of Nature’s elements. According to Statista, the top most popular outdoor activities in 2012 were hiking, camping, biking, and fishing.

Fishing is one of those sports that involves a lot of time, patience, and gear. The worldwide fishing industry employs an estimated 200 million people, and generates $80 billion a year — but commercial fishing isn’t what you’re after today. Instead, you’re ready to take the fam

Outdoor Clothing to Pack for Camping

Written by admin on . Posted in Mens shirts, Mens sweatshirts, Mens tshirts

Wilderness activism

It isn’t too late to get in a couple last weekends of camping this season before fall sets in — especially if you have never been camping before. According to a recent survey, the most popular activities in 2012 were biking, fishing, hiking, and camping. It could be time for you to see what all the hype is about when it comes to camping and hiking.

The Basics: You’ll need to understand that every outdoor activity requires different outdoor clothing. For example, if you go fishing, you will need specific fishing gear.

Outdoor clothing isn’t hard to come by. Most clothing stores will offer some form of fabric that you will need to help you stay comfortable on your adventure. The Canadian clothing industry generates around $260 million in annual revenue — there are 4,137 women’s