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Archive for June 21, 2013

Choosing a Nursing Home

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Nursing homes in odenton md

Making the decision to transfer a loved one to a nursing home is a difficult one. Though many really do provide excellent care and companionship opportunities for their residents, when looking for nursing homes in bowie md, it’s important to know all the facts and search attentively.

Nursing homes may be the right choice for those who don’t require hospital care but who cannot be cared for at home. This generally occurs because the patient is unable to care for him or herself, but his or her family is also unable to accept the responsibility of providing care. Whether it is because they feel unqualified or uncomfortable to provide the necessary medical care, cannot afford a home health aide, do not live close by, or cannot a

Want to Build Trust Between Your Employees?

Written by admin on . Posted in Corporate entertainment, Family fun days

Family fun days

My favorite part of the corporate fun days my Dad used to take me to was the definitely all the evening entertainment. They would have jazz bands and comedians (many of whom tended to be kid friendly since these were family fun days).

I remember that the best evening entertainment his company ever provided was Jerry Seinfeld. That was my first taste of what great comedy really was. The other evening entertainment would usually be something tailored more for small children. There were usually an adult evening entertainment event something more for children, like The Lion King. My parents usually just took me with them to the adult evening entertainment, since it was never raunchy.

The corporate entertainment that his job provided was a token of gratitude from the company, but these fun days and nights served as team building events.

One of the points behind these team building events was to make every employee aware of the strengths and talents of each other. It was meant to create a bond between him and his coworkers, which would hopefully make work better and more efficient for all of them.

And it worked. The boss wanted to develop trust between colleagues with the team building exercises. This was one of the main benefits of having these corporate family fun day and evening entertainment events. The reason it worked was because that for a team to be successful, each of the members had to be able to communicate effectively. They had to give, and receive feedback, strategize and work together. They had to practice the kinds of things that made an office successful.

Sometimes my Dad and his coworkers would have to do the Ring of the King, and figure out a way to get a tire off of a six foot pole without having to touch the sides. He loved these outdoor games. These would always work to refresh his poor stressed out mind and body.

Each office is unique in their own, and so when my Dad would move to a new office, the team building events would always be different.

I will never forget those corporate fun days. Sitting with my parents at the evening entertainment is one of my favorite childhood memories, Do any other readers have similar memories? What act was your favorite evening entertainment event? Share your stories, comments, and experiences in the comments section. Check out this website for more.