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Employees Share Real-Life, Team-Building Nightmares

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Custom print tee shirts

A growing number of employers are using team-building activities to forge better employee relationships and improve workplace productivity. It may not be time for custom tee shirt printing yet, however. Before ordering custom work shirts to commemorate the team-building event, make sure it is well thought-out and likely to be a success (and, more importantly, not a nightmare!). Learn from these team-building activities that went horribly wrong.

Yes, “Naked Relationships” Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

In Japan, bathing nude in natural springs with friends — and even family — is not necessarily out of the ordinary. That does not, however, make bathing in the nude with yo

Get to Know the Four Cs

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Halo engagement ring

Chemists know what all those abbreviations mean, airline pilots have their own jargon in their jobs… every profession has its technical terms. Normally, this doesn’t matter unless you want to go into these fields. But sometimes, the common person has to familiarize themselves with those terms if they have any hope of getting something done.

And nowhere is this more true than in the world of diamond engagement rings — specifically, the mysterious “Four Cs”. If you’ve come up against this mystifying term, worry no more. Here is a quick breakdown of each C, and how they can help you find that perfect ring, whether in the store or online.