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A Guide to Vapor Cigarette Terminology

Written by admin on . Posted in Disposable electronic cigarettes, E juice, Vaping flavors

Vaping flavors

One thing that may come as a shock to smokers who switch to vaping is that there are suddenly far more parts to know about in an electronic cigarette than in tobacco ones. Users have more parts to think about and more maintenance to perform than lighting up a cigarette ever required. However, despite the new technology, these devices are fairly simple to use if following their instructions, and they certainly don’t pose the health risks that cigarettes do.

To begin using rechargeable electronic cigarettes, especially, it is important for users to understand the components of these devices. Here is some of the terminology associated with vapor cigarettes:


All electronic cigare

Why You Should Only Buy Activewear Made in America

Written by admin on . Posted in Athletic apparel for women, Black capris, Us made tank tops

Seamless leggings

When you’re shopping for fashionable workout clothes and athleisure wear, it’s important to know where the products you’re shopping for came from. There are plenty of reasons to look for US made activewear and athletic clothing. Here are just a few:

  • Foreign Work Conditions

    Labor standards in foreign countries are frequently poor and unsafe, child labor is often employed, and the minimum wage is alarmingly low or nonexistent. When you purchase US made activewear, you’re supporting safer working conditions and child labor laws while supporting American manufacturing. You’re also supporting American workers, sin